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Whats ​Happening at TCY?

We are so excited to announce the reopening of True Center Yoga for in person indoor classes! Our new location is at 24 Pleasant St, Suite B, in Randolph~( Behind the Huggable Mug Cafe)

Please see our covid safety protocols here:

*All Students must show proof of being fully vaccinated when arriving at their first indoor class. 

*Class sizes will be limited. We recommend that you register for your class at least one hour before the class start time. Drop in is welcome but we cannot guarantee space.

*We ask that mask be worn while moving around the studio. If you choose, masks can be removed once you've settled in to your space.

* Lastly we ask that you bring your own yoga mat instead of borrowing studio mats at this time. 

When you attend your first in person class please show either your vaccine card or a photo of it on your phone. A staff member will verify that you have had both (or 1 for J&J)  prior to attending class. Once verified, you will not have to show proof again.

Also if you have a current class card, the fees will be applied to your student account.

click here to sign up 

And we still offer zoom throughout the week for many classes!

Quick Links:

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Current Schedule

We are excited to introduce two new instructors!

Meet Samantha Augustus

Samantha will be offering Yin Yoga on Saturday Mornings 9-10am

Samantha Augustus took her first yoga class at University of Maine at Farmington over 30 years ago. She completed her 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings with Myriad Yoga in Brownsville, VT. She has taken trainings in trauma informed yoga and yin yoga. 

Meet Leanne Hoppe!

Leanne will be offering a Vinyasa/ Yin  practice at 5:30 on Monday evenings and a  early riser Gentle Vinyasa from 7-8am on Wednesdays! Let's make her feel welcome!

In 2011, a friend invited Leanne to her first yoga class. She found the practice cleansing and couldn’t wait for more. From there, she explored various styles of practice, ranging from Yin to Ashtanga. After years of practice and exploration, in March 2021 she graduated from the YOUARELOVE Yoga School RYS 200-hr Kalinanda Yoga Teacher Training program, led by the school’s founder, Heather Anderson Boll. Her enthusiastic teaching style combines energetic movement with thoughtful meditation and connection to the ancient roots of yoga as she prioritizes serving students through supportive hands-on assists and encouraging cues for all bodies.

"Your yoga classes have added so much depth to my daily life. I see the world through different eyes"

TCY student

Choosing the right class for you

At True Center Yoga we currently have 4 active instructors. Each instructor has a unique style of bringing yoga to the community.

Browse our classes below

* Easiest

** All levels appropriate

*** Intermediate

Warm Core Flow and Vinyasa Flow with Emily***

Warm Core Flow and Vinyasa Flow: These 75minute, warm classes taught by Emily Harvey Dooley are intended to cultivate focus, strength and balance. They are taught in a room heated to 80-85 degrees. the instruction offers modification for most levels, but the class is quicker paced and intended to get the muscles warm and the heart pumping. The instructor weaves yoga principles and themes into movement a breath for a complete practice.

Essential Alignment with Emily **

Essential Alignment: This class is a recommended foundation class for those looking to have more time spent in finding the specific muscle engagements and placement of the essential postures of yoga. The instructor also use traditional yoga theory and concepts to add depth this 75 minute class. Some students use this class as preparation for the Warm Flow classes or simple choose this class as their weekly practice. Emily Harvey Dooley

Vinyasa Flow with Deonne**

Vinyasa Flow- Connect your breath with your movement as you stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate your body and mind. You will strengthen all areas of your body, work to improve balance and flexibility and leave feeling blissful after a sweet savasana that ends this flowing practice. All levels are welcome as the instructor gives modifications for all abilities so you can personalize your practice.

Chair Yoga with Deonne


Chair Yoga- This is the perfect practice to stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate your body and mind with out getting down on the floor. Students will use chairs to support and balance themselves in both seated and standing poses. No experience necessary.

Gentle Flow with Deonne


Gentle Flow- Connect your breath with your movement in this slow flowing class. Although less vigorous then Vinyasa Flow students will work to increase strength and flexibility and improve balance. All levels are welcome.

Teen/Tween Yoga with Deonne

Teen/tween Classes- Build Self-confidence and positive self-image, find inner peace and learn healthy ways to combat stress by strengthening body, mind and spirit. Teens will explore yoga poses and practices in a fun, upbeat and non-judgmental environment. Classes are divided by gender.

Kids Yoga with Deonne

Kids Yoga- An exploration of yoga and movement through stories, songs and games. Children will learn basic yoga poses while improving balance, coordination and focus in a fun and playful environment. 4-8yo.

Beginning Yoga with Sylvie *

BeginningYoga- Sylvie Desautels and Ashley Outlaw For people who are new to yoga or could benefit from a thorough review of the fundamentals of yoga. We build poses slowly from week to week with basic yoga philosophy of the Yamas and Niyamas as a foundation. No experience is necessary.

Level 1 with Sylvie **

Level 1- Sylvie Desautels Ideal for beginners who are ready to expand their repertoire of poses. Each class begins with a long warm up. Basic poses and simple breathing practices are taught with methodical alignment and body awareness. A theme from yoga philosophy is threaded through the class.

Level 2 with Sylvie***

Level 2 -Sylvie Desautels- Students are well versed in standing poses, basic seated poses and back bends and are ready to explore inversions, more vigorous posture flow sequences and longer holds. Pranayama (breathing control) is integrated into the practice and students are encouraged to practice on their own.

Kundalini with Miss Amanda **

Kundalini Yoga- Miss Amanda -Known as the Yoga of Awareness, the focus is on how poses and movements feel, not how they look. This ancient practice is designed to build your pranamaya kosha (energy body) and stimulate your endocrine system as well as stretch and strengthen your muscles. Kundalini yoga practice includes asana (physical postures) as well as mantra (sound), pranayama (breathwork), and mudra (hand positions) in a sequence called a kriya. Some kriyas are slow and contemplative, some are dynamic and challenging - all are transformative. All levels—even beginners—will flourish during this mystical workout, which focuses on building stamina and connecting with your spirit more than on accomplishing advanced physical postures.

Be Yoga with Beth **

Hey there....Beth here:

Yoga is a lifestyle that is not limited to my mat.

My practice, both teaching and as a student has enabled me to open up the big door of self acceptance. Through yoga, in movement + in breath I have taken on the art of meeting myself exactly where I'm at in any given moment.

I teach from that place in myself. I invite my students to meet themselves exactly where they're at in any given breath, any give pose in their wholeness.

I teach a warm vinyasa, warm vin-yin and love sharing personal philosophy + nuggets of wisdom + truth throughout the class.

All levels welcome.

What To Expect During Classes

Feel free to try out our different classes and find the ones that best suit your level, style and needs. 

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before class time on your first visit to fill out paperwork and get acquainted with the space. 

Please bring your own mat and any props you like to have. 

Be sure to bring water with you. 

Most classes run 60-75 minutes in length but there are a few exception so please ask your instructor to be sure.

What other yogis are saying

I love your class so much and have learned a ton. I never imagined I would love yoga so much! I love that even within each pose, there is so much room for growth

Danielle King, True Center Yoga student