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Our Schedule

Our Schedule is current as of July2020 and is updated regularly.


Decoding the class thats right for you

Here at TCY we offer a full selection of class levels to suit the needs of all students. Next to the class listing below you will see the (*) icon next to the class listing. 

* EASIEST- Appropriate for everyone, including those with physical limitations

** All Levels - No experience required, the student should be able to get up and down from the floor without assistance.

*** INTERMEDIATE- Physically demanding, some yoga experience recommended

Please note~ as of March 17th 2020

all in studio classes have been cancelled due to covid 19. See our home page for the current zoom and outdoor schedule.

current schedule zoom/outdoor

This schedule is for  the studio, which currently closed. Please click the link above for the current Zoom and Outdoor class Schedule!



9:30 am Slo-Flow -Beth **

4:30- Continue Level 1-Sylvie **

6pm-Level 2-Sylvie ***

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

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9am-  Gentle Flow- Deonne **

10:15am -Chair Yoga- Deonne *

6pm -Warm Vinyasa Flow-Emily ***

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12 Noon-1hour Essential Alignment All Levels-Emily **
4:30pm-HIIT Infused Vinyasa Flow-Deonne ***

6:pm- Vinyasa Flow- Deonne ***

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4:30pm -Warm Core Flow-Emily 75 min ***

6:00pm -Essential Alignment All levels-Emily 60min **

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8:00am - Continuing Beginner- Sylvie **

5pm -​ Slo-Flow- Beth **

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8:30am- Kundalini Yoga- Miss Amanda *

10am -Intro to Yoga 6 week series Feb22-March 28th **

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9:30am -Warm Core Flow-Emily ***

11:am - Essential Alignment- Emily  **

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What to Bring for Your First Class

Please bring a mat, small towel and water to class with you. There are a few mats to borrow but its best to have your own. You will find blocks, blankets and straps for use in the studio.

Wear stretch pants, shorts or leggings that allow you to move easily. Most women wear a tank and sports bra.