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While the yoga studio is closed and we cant offer yoga in person we will be posting regular videos that you can follow at home on your own time! If you can, please make a one time $10. $30. 0r $50. donation for unlimited access. If you are unable to make a donation today, thats fine too. Enjoy your class, and thank you for your support in keeping things flowing!

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Forest Style Yoga 60 min

What is Your Impact Today? Sacred Sunday Vinyasa And Somatics

 Short Morning Yoga with Deonne 

Focus on the Exhale: Honoring Endings Vinyasa Flow

Yin to Salutations ~ An Anti-Fragility Practice with Emily

Mindful Monday Yoga -Chakra Class with Emily

Yoga for Men with Miss Amanda

Sacred Sunday Vinyasa Flow Cultivate Joy

Morning Flow with Deonne

Chair Yoga with Deonne

Yoga Essentials with Emily~ Perfect your "Step Through"

Vinyasa Flow for a healthy Immune System

Sacred Sunday Power Flow with Emily

Essential Alignment with Emily~ Move Energy, Feel Fabulous!

The Human Family- An All Levels Class To Open The Heart

Kundalini Yoga for Transformation with Miss Amanda

Gardeners Back Care with Sylvie

Kundalini Yoga with Amanda

Essentials with Emily

Gentle Flow with Deonne 4/21

Kids Yoga with Deonne 4/21 Sallys Visit to the Farm

Chair Yoga with Deonne 4/21

Explore Range of Motion in your Vinyasa Flow with Emily

4/22/20 4:30 Fire Vinyasa Flow with Deonne

Alignment Based Vinyasa Flow with Emily

Gentle Flow with Deonne

One hour Chair Yoga with Deonne

Powerful Times Indeed

 Wisdom for life with Beth Umba

Creating Space, experiencing lightness. All levels essential alignment w Emily

Yoga for Immunity with Amanda

3rd Chakra Vinyasa Flow with Emily

Restorative Yoga with Sylvie Part1

Restorative Yoga with Sylvie Part 2

Kids Yoga with Deonne  Jennys Winter Walk

Essentials Practice with Emily -Twisting for Vitality

Hands/Wrists/Shoulders with Emily